About Magsdoc Ltd.

Magsdoc is a Scottish family business which is quickly establishing itself as the UKs first for high quality holiday and property lets. Our vision has always been to offer much more than our clients expect and to simply provide a great quality service every time.

One example of this philosophy is our outstanding holiday properties.

First we look for properties only situated in areas of extreme natural beauty. Next we fit the property with quality fittings and furnishings. We go out of our way to make sure that none of our properties are the same and that each has their very own character and look.

We don’t stop there, within our family there are some of us who enjoy relaxing all day with a book and others who could spend the day running jumping and in general keeping busy. We figured that most families are the same so we decided to strive to provide something for everyone, be it our complimentary equipment that comes with every booking or the tours and sports packages that we offer and which are very professionally organized by people who care.

We know you will have a fantastic time during your stay with us and hope to see you soon.

UK     +44 (0)7791 504104
ESP   +34 618783431
USA   +1 646 583 2027