Legend has it that the village takes its name from the French heraldic flower, the Fleur de Lys. According to the legend a local girl married a high ranking French officer in the 14th Century. She died in France and her body was returned to be buried by Loch Lomond. The Fleur de Lys strewn on her grave by her husband and are said to have taken root to flourish here ever since.

During the Empire years Luss was a popular destination for high society wishing to escape the busy streets of the City.  The ship builders and merchants would bring their families here to bathe in the crystal clear waters and to take boat rides around the Loch. Thankfully very strict planning laws have kept this idyllic place almost exactly as it was way back then.  In Luss visitors can experience the real Scotland as it was and our guests stay in one of the original crofters dwellings with both antique and modern facilities.

This really is the real thing.